Review: GG Bavaria 2023

On February 25th & 26th GG Bavaria took place in Munich for the first time. This small gaming convention wants to provide a platform for indie game devs, and small artists could also offer their products for sale there. I was there too, and I had a blast!

The location in the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich filled up surprisingly quickly with visitors – even though the event was still very new. I was especially surprised about how queer the gaming scene is by now. Things have definitely changed for the better since my teenage years. Another really cool thing was that all the exhibitors were given name tags to display their pronouns.

I had great fun chatting with the visitors, artists and game devs and making new contacts. All in all, the convention was a great success and a great experience for me. A huge praise also goes to the organizing team, who did everything in their power to make the exhibitors feel comfortable.

My conclusion: I’ will definitely do it again!’ll definitely go there again!

Photos made by Stefan Frierstein.