Upon A Stone

graphic Novel

In a desperate hope of escaping the manipulations of an emotionally abusive mother, young transperson Nisa embarks on a tumultuous journey through the remote mountains of Iceland to follow the trail of an ancient legend.

But when the hike doesn’t go as planned, old fears and worries come to light that they can’t face alone.

The comic is a work in progress funded by Bayern Innovativ.

Dampened Spirits

Short Comic

As Andie and Simon try to escape the pouring rain, they stumble into a strange bar. But they quickly realize that the strange bartender won’t let them leave until they play his obviously rigged game of cards.

Self published (2021), available in my online shop.


Chapter Illustrations

2021/22, canceled project


Short COmic

Created for: Sweetheart, This IS Gender Studies Zine

Sweetheart, This IS Gender Studies is an unofficial fan anthology of texts, comics, and drawings that explores various aspects of transness through the characters of Supernatural.

Self published (2021/22)

Horror classics

Book Covers


How were viking ships made?


These simple illustrations, along with short texts, were designed to explain to children how Vikings built their ships – from the selection of the right trees to the special clinker technique used to join the boards.


CSD Dachau

Logo & Poster

A logo & poster/flyer designed for Dachau’s first Christopher Street Day, 2023

Mainburger Spielwoche


A logo designed for Spielwoche Mainburg, 2019

Faux analog Portraits


Character Illustrations


Pizzadragon Stickers


potion frog


art prints



Digital illustrations in a lino cut style. Inspired by tarot cards.