Abenteuer vom Rosenhof

Social Media Clip

Concept and execution by me

Character templates and background illustrations by Katharina Netolitzky

2023, Community Editions


Educational Video

Vector Illustrations, Motion Design


Work Assistant


Character Rigging, Motion Design

Character Illustration by Jonas Grund

2023, Femos gGmbH

Hedy Lamarr

P.M. Wissen

Image research, Illustration & Graphics, Motion Design

2022, ServusTV

Wie retten wir die Paradeiser-Sorten?

P.M. Wissen

Image Research, Vector Illustrations, Misc. Illustrations, Motion Design

2021, ServusTV


P.M. Wissen

Image research, Illustrations & Graphic Design, Motion Design

2022, ServusTV


P.M. Wissen

3D-Modeling, CI, Motion Design

2021, ServusTV

Mythos CĂ´te d’Azur

Liebe, Luxus, Leidenschaft

Vector Illustrations, CI, Motion Design

2021, Arte

Giganten der Kunst

Terra X

Poster, Image Editing & Sketches for Paintings

2021, ZDF