Exhibition: Comix It Up!

On January 13, Berrin and I opened our joint comic exhibition in Munich. Under the title Comix it Up! we now present illustrations with a lot of love for detail until the end of February.

The opening was a complete success – so many nice faces and so much praise for our work. It really inspire me to see how people reacted to my art in person. In a month it is already over again, but until then you can admire our pictures in Galerie Karin Sachs!

We’re showing one-off pieces and comics, such as my work Dampened Spirits and Berrin’s current project Somnium, which you can support on Ko-fi!

Exhibition duration: January 14th 2023 – February 25th 2023
Where: Galerie Karin Sachs, Augustenstrasse 48, 80333 München (www.galeriekarinsachs.de)

Photos by Alisa Sakkaravej (Sakubik).