Reading in Augsburg: Talking Heads

After an unexpected arm fracture I unfortunately couldn’t participate in December, but now it was made up for! On February 2, I was able to present a few of my comics at the Talking Heads reading series. The event was organized by Comic in Bayern.

Nontira Kigle, Lisa Neun and I all had the chance to read from our works and give a little insight into our methods. We were guests in Katharina Netolitzky’s wonderful studio. She has entertained the comics scene with her ingenious stories for many years and had not only prepared the event, but also moderated the discussion rounds with clever questions.

Under the title “I Think I Need More Coffee”, Nontira presented various comic strips that she published on Instagram. The small humorously illustrated stories tell of her own experiences, which always bring a smile to the face of the reader. But there were also more serious insights: some of the strips also dealt with Nontira’s experiences with queer hostility.

Lisa’s comics are also strong works. Her latest work, “Business Girl,” for example, tells the story of an inventor who really only has one goal in mind: Building an actual robot. However, she encounters a number of obstacles, not least the sexist management of the company where she works.

I also had the opportunity to present snippets from two of my own projects. First, I presented the reading sample of my current graphic novel project. In “Upon A Stone” a young trans person goes on a turbulent hike through the remote mountains of Iceland to follow the traces of an ancient legend.

The second excerpt was from my comic “Dampened Spirits,” in which two friends stumble into a somewhat strange bar and must win a card game against the creepy owner.

I had so much fun at the event, and am really glad I got a chance to interact with cool comic creators.

The awesome photos were made by Daniel Prell (Zammgfasst).